Some Easy Steps To Get Rid Of Mice

Mice at times can be vermin, damaging, causing diseases through their urine, feces or fur and structural damage as well. Mice can be both herbivorous as well as omnivorous. They are nocturnal mammals i.e. have poor sight but strong sense of hearing and smelling which helps them in locating their food and preventing themselves from their enemies.

Mice build burrows which are long deep entrances, equipped with escape routes/tunnels. As this can be dangerous you should use methods to control them. Here is a step by step process considering which, you can easily drive away these rodents.

1. Identification: The first step in controlling mice is to inspect areas of their feeding andindentify them as soon as possible. Look for mice drooping, mice tracks and other signs such as greasy strains, characteristic odor or feces near an entryway. All such areas should be marked.

2. Sanitation: As mice can survive in very small areas with little food and shelter,controlling them is a not a cup of tea. Human and pet food should be stored in tight metal containers with lid at the top. Litters and leftovers should be cleaned and put in the dustbins immediately. Garbage should be disposed regularly outside the house at the proper place of dumping.

3. Exclusion: If there are any openings present from where the mice can enter the home,they should either be built or screens should be placed on the top. Stainless steels and mortar is another method of controlling the entry of mouse. All moisture sites such as water pipes, basement areas, attics, vents, clogged drains, chimneys and cables should be sealed properly that provide perfect breeding sites for mice. Ventilation should be
checked every 4-5 months. Exterior doors should have sweeps and windows should be covered with screens. Firewood should be kept far away from house. Rubbers, vinyl, insulating foam, wood, are some suitable things which keep them away from plugging holes. Hence exclusion is the most successful technique of controlling mice.

4. Traps: Trapping is one of the most effective methods of controlling mice. Many kinds of trapping techniques are used such as electronic traps, ultrasonic traps, snap traps, single kill mouse trap, victor trap, wooden trap, multiple killing mouse trap, electrocution traps, baits, glue boards ,victor tin cat, plastic treadles and ketch all. Trapping is comparatively advantageous as it doesn’t rely on poisonous rodenticides. Disposing of trapped mice is allowed and eliminates dead mouse odors easily.

5. Electronic pest repellents – it is another amazing way to get rid of mice. What this device does is that it produces high pitched sound which can be heard only by these animals and also the ones similar to them. This is quiet annoying for them and they tend to leave the area and run away. A good point is that it cannot be heard by humans. Multiple rat control products in Australia can also be used such as poison, rodenticides as zinc phosphate, bromthalin, cholecalciferol etc. to shoo away the rodents from the property.