Keep Your Pet Safe And Yourself Relaxed With The Help Of A Vet

Let’s start by acknowledging that we invest quite a lot in our pets, in more than one way. First and most important is that we invest feelings, any pet, small or big, becomes a part of the family and we treat it as such. Then, there is the financial side ofthings. Pets, depending on species and breeds can cost quite a lot of money to acquire. Also owners spend a lot of money during life to feed them and keep them healthy.

There are certain ways to make sure that tragedy doesn’t strike your expanded family by getting an insurance for your pet and micro-chipping them. Most professional vet practices can help with any of these and besides that the procedures are rather cheap and painless.


This has been a standard practice for people studying wildlife animals and has become common use for pets as well. The procedure is almost painless as all it requires is an injection. Through that injection a chip or transponder is injected beneath the skin of the animal where it stays in place. The chip is about the size of a rice grain and is hypoallergenic.

The chip has a unique identifier which is then linked to the owner’s profile in various worldwide databases. The chip can be scanned with the use of certain scanners owned by all shelters and vets. This way, if your pet gets lost by accident and is found, when it is taken to a vet or shelter they will instantly know who to call. This can save you a ton of grief seeing how dogs and cats are prone to run away during mating season and become lost.

This practice is required in almost every part of the world nowadays. Also if you are thinking of traveling to another country with your pet you need this chip. Pets without a chip and a valid international passport are not allowed to cross any borders. The procedure is rather cheap and can be done by any vet in Tea Tree Gully.

Also keep in mind that the next time you find a pet that doesn’t look like a stray you can take it to a vet to read the chip and return it to the owner. Even if it’s night time you can easily find an after hours vet open who can carry this out.


People do not want to think about the bad things like illness or accidents, however they happen. Just like with humans, an insurance can cover some if not all of the bill. Although this is not a must like chips it is something that can make your life easier in the eventuality of bad something happening.

First of all the tools and medicines used by vets are very expensive, so the bill can run up very high. So in order to avoid your pet having issues all its life or even passing away because of the costs of an intervention this is a great alternative. What this means is a small monthly fee which will be returned if not used throughout the animals life.