Fencing Options To Keep Your Dog In

Sometimes we need to face the fact that our pet dogs are a second incarnation of Houdini; from climbing over a six foot high fence, to digging under a timber fence, some dogs can and will find a way out of the backyard.
If you have looked at fencing options before, you will know that there are a lot of different types out there – timber, chain link, aluminium and farm fencing are just some examples. It isn’t so much the type of fence you use that will keep your dog safe, but more that it performs the functions you need it to. 

Dog fencing can be a difficult a difficult choice. You need to weigh up the type of fence you need to keep your dog safe in your backyard, as well as the aesthetics of the fence ensuring it fits in with the rest of your house. You can however have an aesthetically pleasing fence while still keeping your dog safe through the use of landscaping. By planting shrubs along the side of the fence, you are making it a little more difficult to jump (for those who like to jump the fence), a little more difficult to dig underneath (for those who like to dig) and in some cases, more difficult for them to see what is on the other side of the fence which is great for those dogs that will bark at anything they can see. To discover more reviews about dog fencing, visit this page.
If you don’t like the idea of re-doing the fencing in your yard, you may be able to hire a dog trainer who can work with your dog to stop the digging or jumping. Perhaps it comes down to your dog being bored during the day, or it may be that they simply don’t like not having enough room to run around. Although not specific to dog training products you can also buy e-fences as well as devices to put onto your fences which your pet will quickly learn that climbing the fence or going to close to the fence is not a good idea. These devices work by sending out a low-frequency radio signal to a collar worn by your dog. If your dog gets too close to the fence it will send out a warning or vibration through the collar. This article will give you more ideas about bark control collar.
If, no matter what you try your dog still manages to climb over or dig under your fences, it may be time to consider a kennel run. While it doesn’t give them as much space as an open backyard, it can certainly keep your dog a lot safer when you aren’t at home. It is never a good idea to leave your dog chained up for long periods of time, and there are much better options to keep your dog safe. Take the time to do some research into the different options available and choose one that suits your situation best.