Drenching Is Great Way to Keep Sheep Safe

Like any other animals, sheep can develop several types of internal parasites that can endanger their health and even lives. Pet owners are very familiar with de-worming as regular practices, however some livestock owners might overlook this practice. This practice sounds easy as all the owner has to do is feed the sheep a certain solution called drench. This solution contains an active ingredient that attacks parasites and usually comes usually in liquid form and can be found on various websites that have sheep drench for sale.

This is not to be confused with a technique called drenching which basically means pumping the sheep’s stomach full of water. This is usually done before contests and fairs in order for the sheep to look fatter (ergo better) and to weigh more when sold.

Administering drench requires care

Although administering this drench to the sheep can be done by anyone and specialized kits for this can be found in various locations that have sheep drench for sale there are certain things to know before starting out.

Spectrum: just like drugs for humans or other animals some drenches are broad spectrum while other are focused on certain types of parasites. While broad spectrum drenches are usually better since they take care of multiple types of parasites they will not kill the enduring ones. For these ones a specialized drench is recommended.

Dosage: each drench, depending on manufacturer and concentration, require different a different dose in order to be effective. This dose varies also depending on the weight of the sheep in case.

Timing: multiple doses may be required since sheep parasites are very resistant, however the administrations should not be very close to each other and each manufacturer advises for different waiting times. If the drench doesn’t solve the issue than a veterinarian should be contacted. If the sheep is to be slaughter no drench should be administered in the last 10-15 days.

Storage: as any other drug, drench usually has a long shelf life, up to 2 years if kept in optimal conditions. However drench from wholesale pet supplies store in large quantities is only advisable if it is meant for a large herd and will be consumed in shorter periods of time.

Administering: administering the drench is somewhere between easy and very hard. First of all, it’s easy since it’s in liquid form and specialized pumps exist (the same ones used for filing with water) that will deliver it easily. On the other hand sheep can become restless during the process so there might be some fighting and kicking involved in the process.

Side-effects: administering drench may cause slobbering which means that some of the substance as well might be lost. Also coughing is a natural effect after the drench is administered, however that should disappear after a few minutes.
Keeping sheep healthy is very important seeing how some parasites may affect the quality of meat and milk and even pass on through to humans when consumed. Before consulting the vet drenching is a great idea to do at home.